Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nature boy

I just want to give praise to my boy Quincey. He's four and a half and he loves nature, especially animals. Recently we went to a fair, with lots of rides and stalls and stuff like that. There's a wetland nearby and Quin just wanted to play on the logs and be in nature (he ended up falling in the mud) and i just thought that was so cool. We went to Cockburn Wetlands Centre recently and he got to hold Fluffy the python:

Also, we went on a twilight bat walk with Joe Tonga, which was great. Quin was riveted when Joe was talking. He asked and answered loads of questions (thanks for your patience Joe, Quin said he wants to be like you). We saw lots of bats, check out Joe's website, go batty:

Quin's favourite DVD's are David Attenborough's "Life" (thanks Uncle Julian and Aunty Vicky) and Steve Backshall's "Deadly Sixty" (all scorpions are now flat rock scorpions according to Quin because Steve found one). He can tell you what class just about any animal is in, eg mammal, fish, etc. which is pretty good for a 4 year old. He likes to talk about animals like David Attenborough and mixes things up, which can be really funny. Such as this (in a very earnest, authoritative voice): "Stag beetles are a kind of insect. They prey on Zebras. Mummy, did you know there are two kinds of stag beetles on Ascension Island?" "Really Quin, what are they?" "Males and females" (of course!).

Here is his nature shelf (an idea we pinched off some friends), where he puts things of interest. At the moment it's jammed full and dripping with feathers, a yabby shell (fresh water crayfish) off his pet yabby Keith, a bird's nest, a bobtail lizard skin and more:

 We hope he continues on this path in life.
We love you Quin! 

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