Saturday, January 8, 2011

For the babies

This is a little poem I wrote for a Living Smarties 'Heart' night a few months ago and it's about how I worry about my son's future all the time. And the future of all the other babies and kids. It's also about why we decided not to have any more babies. After this post, no more heavy stuff, we promise. 

I love you my wonderful child
And I’ll whisper it through your curly blonde hair
A million times a day
But what I really mean is
I love you and I’m sorry
If I tell you enough times
Maybe I can equip you for the future
Can I fill your heart with enough love
So you grow up to be brave, compassionate and strong?
For you will need these traits
And many more

I love you so much
Sometimes I wish you were never born
How can a mother say that?
I worry so much about your future
How will my little boy survive?
How will you grow food
without water or topsoil?
Will you be a faceless environmental refugee?

I want you to survive and thrive
And find love, hope and happiness
So I’ll love you and tell you so
A million times a day.

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