Friday, August 29, 2014

Blooming again

The garden is looking blooming marvellous again, so here are some pics.

The self pollinating almond is in full flower, we're hoping for a bumper crop to make up for disappointing yields in the past.

The broad beans are flowering with some beans set already. Yum!

The apricot has just started to flower. Amy didn't want me to prune it this year so I told her it's up to her to take care of the fruit fly!

The grape vine is just starting to shoot, hopefully we'll get fruit and shade from this.

One of our banana plants has a big bunch (250+) on, hoping to harvest by Christmas.

The apple tree is in blossom, these should fruit in November-December.

The macadamia tree has shot away this year, we're crossing our fingers for our first nuts this year...

The natives are looking good. This is a flower of Kunzea baxteri.

The newly planted dwarf Wurtz avocado tree is shooting, a sure sign it has settled in well.

Most exciting of all is that two of our three olive trees are flowering (Manzanillo and Corratina varieties). This is the first time for these trees three and four years after planting. We can't wait to harvest our own olives in April after years scrounging local verges for them.

The weeds are doing well too. Our arch nemesis soursop is everywhere in the front garden, which is a shame because it makes the garden look so samey. Next year we'll get on top of this so we can have an open garden hopefully.

The favourite with local honeyeaters, Calothamnus quadrifidus.

The mango is looking good despite not having any protection from the cold this winter.

Close up, Calothamnus quadrifidus.

After a few dry weeks we just got 20mm of rain, so we're happy campers...