Friday, January 14, 2011

Hills Angels rides again

Before Christmas we rode with a couple of other families in our neighbourhood to check out some Christmas lights. We had two cargo bikes, three normal bikes - one with a tag-along and one with a baby carrier. Five adults and five kids in a kooky bike convoy. It was awesome. I particularly liked going through roundabouts while the traffic waited for us. Being a relatively new cyclist I found it very empowering.

We had heard about this famous Christmas light house and after quite a ride we arrived only to find that they had decided not to put out lights this year. Not to be deterred Adam and Quincey wandered right up to the house and peered in the window and did indeed find a magical winter wonderland all set up inside. The lady of the house came out and asked us in for a closer look and some lollies. Of course we obliged. It was a beautiful glowing white display with angels with gently flapping wings, virgins holding candles and Jesus, snow, Christmas trees...but I felt there was something missing. The kids were filled with rapture as we filed through the front room. We thanked our host for allowing us an exclusive look and were just about to say goodbye when I spotted it. I was relieved to see she had included a 10cm figurine of a indigenous man and his didgeridoo. Thank God.

We had a beautiful ride home in the dark through some bush and we stopped in at a couple of other Christmas light houses too. One of the kids had fallen asleep, tucked up with a blankie in the cargo bike. Aw.

Were all very satisfied with our Christmas light tour as there was something special about going out en masse (kind of) with kids in the dark. So we did it again tonight and called ourselves the Hills Angels; the nicest little bikie gang in the west.

Here we are having our picnic at the beach

...and flying the kite

...and heading home.

We were home by 8.30, Quin in bed by 9.00. A great night out. Next ride we plan to find some bats!

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