Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bumper beet crop

Good grief. Can it be that I am writing my first blog ever? I actually hate computers so I apologise in advance for any technical hitches. Where is the spell check?

Why am I blogging? Two reasons, no three:
1. My partner and I have a thing or two to share about sustainability in the burbs (as well as bits about family, school, work, Living Smart, geeky spreadsheet stuff and a wee little bit about bellydancing)
2. So family and friends far away can see what we are up to
3. We just purchased an awesome dutch cargo bike (photos coming) and I realised while riding around today waving and smiling at complete strangers that I am an exhibitionist

So here we go.

This is one of our best crops of beets ever. We have pickled them and now five jars take pride of place on the Vacola shelf. (I think the secret to growing good beetroots is boron. Put 1 teaspoon per 9L and water it into your crop twice through the growing season, once about one third grown, then once two thirds grown. This also works for celery, carrots, rhubarb to thicken cell walls). I'm putting this in the first post because its always good to start with a success story... and cute pictures of kids. So here are mine. Beets and kid.

There, that wasn't too hard, blogging I mean! More soon, especially about the bike...