Monday, December 17, 2012


The garden is looking pretty amazing at the moment probably because we have had lots of November and December rain. Any rain is good rain in Perth. I'm grateful for this because its been a sad week of goodbyes. I am farewell fatigued. Two wonderful couples are leaving the community to live in other countries. We will miss them terribly. So when I feel sad I spend more time in the garden just indulging my senses. I wander around looking, rearranging mulch, touching things (I love stroking the bananas - it sounds pervy but they are so smooth!), smelling the apples, tasting the last of the boysenberries, listening to the chooks 'boooook' and scratch, feeling the sun on my neck and the sea breeze. There is so much to experience in a regular little garden like ours. The photos on this blog can't convey the sense of peace you can have by just hanging around in the garden. When I'm too sad or worried to be productive, the garden gently slows me down and gives my brain a rest.

Anyway while I'm wandering around gathering up my mojo, look at what the garden has produced for us:

These aren't your average backyard, tiny, fruit fly eaten sour apples, these are big, sweet and juicy and there are heaps of them! It's our first real apple crop and I'm so proud of Ads for growing them! He has pruned them properly and we netted them just as the flowers had finished pollination. They are unblemished! The net is tied around the trunk so they can fully sun ripen and then fall in to the net without bruising, oh yes, they are the bananas in the foreground :)

Our other fruit crops are pretty impressive too. We have just finished our amazing crop of boysenberries and  mulberries and started harvesting red flame grapes and our bananas.

Ads is so good at gardening I could, well...