About us

This is our little families blog about our crack at sustainable living in the burbs.

We always had the dream of making a tree-change at some point in our lives, while our child was young, maybe even starting a commune or something. You know - country life, the pursuit of nature, self-sufficiency, small town community, wholesome fresh air and all that. Yet somehow, over time, we've put down roots in this little 790m2 of suburbia.

And we love it.

We have all we need and want just here. 

We are a part of the most wonderful community network which includes Hilton Harvest Community Garden, our own garden club, Earth Carers, the Living Smart gang, Quin's school P&C and more. We can grow a lot of our own food - veggies, fruit and eggs. We harvest our own water which keeps us going for nine months of the year. We are pretty much self sufficient in power. And because we live in the city we ride or take public transport heaps and have opportunity to share our experiences with our fellow suburbanites. 

And, lets face it, we can't all drop out of society. If sustainable living doesn't happen in the burbs we're all screwed. We certainly don't lead the perfect sustainable life (damn those lovely long showers and quick convenient car trips!) and nor do we have all the answers so hopefully you will enjoy reading about our failures as well as our successes. We're fairly ordinary really - but we do try! 


  1. Hi Amy
    I have just read your blog on making beeswax wraps. I have also made them in the past and hope to make them on a larger scale with some school children. I noticed at the bottom of your blog you mentioned that you made 70 with some children and parents. Did you do this using the iron method? Also wondering how you go with grating your wax- I find it such hard work and when i am making them in bulk am tempted to by them as pallets- although they are more expensive. I would appreciate any tips you may offer.
    Warm Regards

  2. Hi Adam and Amy
    I discovered your blog through Liz's chooks interviews. Love your blog and your journey! We're on a similar (but of course different too) journey in Vic too. I've added you to our "blog list".
    Best, Martin

  3. Hi Martin
    Thanks for that, your blog looks cool. We are still on the journey, just not blogging it up!
    Cheers, Adam