Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another cargo bike post

Its nearly summer and that is when electric cargo bikes really come into their own! Getting down to the beach takes 15 mins in the bike and its so satisfying to cruise right by all the parked cars baking in the sun and park up under a tree. Although it can still get pretty hot in Perth and riding seems like the last thing you'd want to do, I reckon its much more pleasant to get some breeze and sunshine than sit in a stinking hot car, with a burning steering wheel and seat belts and whiny kids and air con that doesn't work for 10 mins, by which time you are nearly there. If your bike is electric its just like there is no head wind and no hills. We love it!

And another thing I've noticed with the Bakfits  there is a kind of black hole in the laws of physics where it seems that no matter how windy it is, or what skirt I'm wearing my skirt never flies up. True. See irrefutable scientific proof in the photo below:

We have had quite a few people come and test ride the cargo bike lately and what is exciting is that they are coming from far and wide - yup, it looks like cargo bikes are taking off in the burbs. Awesome! I love it when people come for a ride. We show them our three year old bike and how it still looks in really good nick and that we have had virtually no troubles with it. We tell them all the little tricks and things to be aware of. Its true that riding a cargo bike takes a little practice, but after you master it you will love it and feel free! 

One thing we like to show people is how we have set up our garage for ease of use. The bikes take pride of place (while the car is out in the elements). There is a plug hanging form the ceiling for recharging and plenty of room to quickly and easily get them out on the open road. There is no use having a bike if it is buried under a load of junk behind your car. 

So if you are interested in a test ride, let us know!


  1. Oh what great fun!
    Now you can free wheel up the hill not just down!

    So jealous!!!

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