Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chokos and renos

Breaking news! We have little baby chokos! They are super cute, only about a centimeter long and the flowers are so delicate and beautiful.

The vine is growing well and seems to be loving all the grey water it gets. I'm so pleased!

We are just about to launch in to the dreaded renovations at home. We have removed this patio which, while it looks pretty nice and adequate in the photo, it was just not working for us.

It blocked all the northern light to the back of our house and it was open on all four sides, so everything got wet in winter. Our little house is only two bedrooms and it would be nice to have some extra living space and also another room for guests. Also we suspect Quincey, as he gets older, may need some extra space. So we are building a new pergola and also a little workshop (don't call it a studio or bedroom, we didn't get council approval for that!). The pergola will be high and have moving louvers with a clear roof so we can let in winter light and block out summer sun. The little room will have a kitchenette and an outdoor bathroom next to it. And we will lay decking too. Its all very exciting as we have been planning it for over two years! But at the moment the 'garden' looks like this; a little depressing as summer is coming and there is sand everywhere. But it has to get messy before it gets beautiful.

The veggie patch, fruit trees and chooks will be untouched, the lawn might cop a battering but that's fixable. We have had to move the grey water system which is a bummer, but again, we can just get it put back in in a better spot. 

So wish us luck!

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