Saturday, July 13, 2013

Netting Brassicas - the verdict

I just thought I'd show a quick follow up of our experiment in netting our barassicas. So I think the first lot I netted already had caterpiller eggs hidden underneath the leaves and this was the result:

So I've unetted them and picked off the caterpillars for the chooks - of course, its heaps easier to do this without the net. The other thing is that there were some aphids and I wanted to allow predators to get in and take care of them for me. I'll still get some good cauilies out of this patch. Its hard to know if there would have been worse damage without the nets.

The second patch worked better. The broccoli was smaller when I netted them and now they look great and taste even better:

So the conclusion is that yes, I'll do it again next year and try to net them earlier.

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