Thursday, July 18, 2013

A very virtuous meal (and plastic free to boot!)

My sister and her family thrive in a slightly crazy house. Kids, dogs, knitting, books, cellos, and cats licking the breakfast dishes...and yet it all works beautifully and when you walk in to their house you just feel good, comfy and loved - we love it at there house! This school holidays we decided to add pasta making to the mix. It was great fun, 100% plastic free and totally virtuous (apart from the flour coming from Italy).

I'll let the photos tell the story:

 The girls made the mixture of flour and eggs - the eggs were from our girls.

Quin thought it looked like messy fun so joined in pretty quickly.

 This bit was great fun! We made some spaghetti and some ravioli. 

Mixing up the mixture for the ravioli - this consisted of plastic free ricotta, herbs from Hilton Harvest Community Garden and home grown pumpkin.

 The finished, slightly oversized, ravioli! 

 And the spaghetti out to dry on the cloths airer - don't let the dog in!

 The finished product with a drizzle of Hilton Harvest olive oil.

 Delish! And it only took us five hours to make!


  1. Pasta is on my list of things that come in plastic, I should try making it one day. Does the flour have to come from Italy though?

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  3. Awesome family get together - making pasta is such an interactive activity, right?
    Thank you
    Join Plastic Free July