Monday, May 13, 2013

Blue Boogers

Quincey loves Scitech so Ads dutifully took him there this last school holidays. They watched a slime making demo and, lucky for parents, the recipe is online! But here are the basics:

1. Dissolve 5 g Borax (approximately 2 level teaspoons) into 100 ml warm water
2. Dissolve 3 g Guar Gum (approximately 1 slightly heaped teaspoon) into 150 ml warm water
3. Add 1 tablespoon of glycerol/glycerine to the guar gum solution
4. Add 3 drops of food colouring to guar gum solution.
5. While stirring, slowly add borax solution to guar gum solution. You will only need to add 30 – 50 ml of the borax. Continue stirring until the solution thickens!
6. Experiment with different concentrations of borax and guar gum solution to get different sorts of sliminess

It's exactly the same stuff I used to purchase when our parents let me and my cousin loose at the shopping center on my school holidays: Ghost Busters slime. The kind of slime that feels wet and doesn't stick to your hands but will totally ruin carpet. 

Awesome! We love it!

We made up a batch for Quin and a batch for a birthday pressie and I thought to myself, this is something all children should enjoy. So I think Quincey's next birthday party will be a slime themed party and we can make some up for all the kiddos so they can go home with slime instead of a landfill starter kit lolly bag. It's cheap, easy to make, minimal packaging and rates super high on the gross out/fun factor. Until it gets into the carpet. But kids are only kids for a short time, nice carpet is for retirement not parenthood. 


  1. That does look fun but are you not concerned with using the Borax for a kids thing? I thought that it was poisonous, not recommended to be used near kids...


  2. Yes I was worried! But there is a chemical reaction after you add the Borax so I think this must take away the burnieness of it (like the reaction with lye and oil to make soap). You have to mix it in thoroughly and it is only 5g and the recipe made two good sized batches. The skin on our hands are still in tact after almost constant use :)

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