Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plastic free triumph

It's mandy season and Quincey is sucking them into his growing body by the kilo. I can't keep up with his appetite for them. I am spending my waking hours gathering up little piles of peel from all over the house - kitchen table, bathroom sink, bed (his and ours). 

I do love his fruit bat ways but trying to be plastic free and feed the family is challenging. A few days ago I was shopping at our little fruit and veg shop and feeling a little annoyed that all the best fruit (as in the cheapest, freshest, and best size for lunch boxes) are always in plastic. In this case really nasty net plastic. Imagine what that could do if set free in the ocean. 

But Being the fallible human that I am I thought, 'bugger it' and bought three bags of fruit. When I unpacked them at home I found that I could just untie the top and not rip the bag. So I kept them. Of course I had to go back to purchase more fruit today and I took my three plastic net bags back. I asked the fellow on the checkout if he would reuse the bags and he said he would. No probs. He even joked about giving me a 10 c discount! Wonderful! So I bought more mandies and just unpacked them on the counter but not in an agro, protesty way, in a cheerful, 'oh yes, there is too much plastic around' kind of way. So I get to purchase the best fruit, the shop gets to reuse their bags and I feel virtuous about  walking out of the shop without a scrap of new plastic (the bag in the picture is old and well loved!). And I make a new friend! 

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  1. Wow, that is so inspiring!! I am so impressed not only with your creativity in bringing it back, but also in your memory that you remembered to do so. I try to do most of my shopping at the farmers markets, and I have to put the bags right back in our cart the moment I am done, or there is absolutely no way I'll remember them. Good work!