Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Season's change

Autumn is here at last. After another long, hot, dry summer it's such a relief. We're getting maxima in the mid to high twenties and minima between about 11 and 16. It's so nice not to have to worry about heating or cooling for a while. This change in season means there are a few jobs to do though.

The retic can be reduced a fair bit now. Although it's still very dry the transpiration and evaporation rates are much lower than a few weeks ago.

I've taken the external shade off Quincey's east facing window, so he can gain a bit of early morning heat. I also block off the whirley bird on the roof and stop it spinning. This stops the warm air in the roof cavity being drawn away.

I've checked the gutters. They don't seem too dirty so I've put off this horrible job for a while. It's something I'll have to do before the winter rains though.

We've just got a quote to fix a leaking roof, don't want to get wet again this winter.

We're starting to think about what to plant where. We're going away over Easter and the plan is to get stuck into planting then. First thing in will be garlic, which takes about 6 months to crop. We had such a great crop last year we actually have enough to replant for this year. This is one of two or three big strings we had.

Soups are on the menu again, so I picked the first of 5 jap pumpkins today. This one weighed in at 4.7 kg. Here's Quin struggling to hold it up (check the new hair do!).

The rain water tank needs a clean. This is another job I can't face right now, maybe it can wait another year?

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