Monday, September 19, 2011

Sebadoh rock

Amy and I went to a gig a few days ago, something we do very rarely these days. We used to go lots, especially when we lived in the UK. These days it's a bit harder with Quin and the fact that many bands bypass Perth when they come to Oz doesn't help. We saw Sebadoh at the Rosemount and they were great. We bought a T shirt each and the band were selling them, so they signed our shirts and we had a chat. I spoke to Jason and Amy spoke to Lou, which is good because I love Lou so much I probably wouldn't have been able to say anything remotely intelligible.
A pic of Lou B at the Rosemount gig I got off the net

 1990's US indie rock is my favourite music, probably because the 90's were when I first got into music in my 20's. US is just better than UK for me, don't ask me why. From the time I first heard the Stone Roses I knew this was my thing (I know, they're from the UK!). My favourite bands of the era are the Pixies, Pavement, Nirvana, Elliott Smith and Sebadoh. Sebadoh formed after Lou Barlow left Dinosaur Jr around  1989. Their first few records are very lo-fi and hard to listen to at times because the band has 2 song writers (Lou plus Eric or later Jason) and Eric writes crazy, fast loud songs which suck. Thankfully Lou's greatness makes up for this, you just need to either program the CD or press skip every now and again. In 1992 Eric left (hooray!) and was replaced by Jason Lowenstein, who is a good songwriter. They released Bubble and Scrape in 93, which is the first album of theirs I bought and is still my favourite. When Nirvana hit and indie rock became big for a few years Sebadoh came close to breaking through into the mainstream, but never quite made it. In 2000 they split and Lou has done various stuff like Folk Implosion and solo stuff, some good some not so good, never with the Sebadoh magic.

Some (not all) of Sebadoh's songs are so achingly beautiful. I used to put them on mixed tapes and send them to Amy when we were apart. I think she was a bit surprised to hear how heavy the rest of their repertoire was!

 This is Jason at the Rosemount

It was great to see them play again and Jason said they may record another album soon, so fingers crossed. I used to think that rock was for young people and that bands shouldn't reform or keep going forever, but I've changed my mind now. Maybe that's because all my favourite music is being played by people over 40 now? Anyway, the gig was good , with Lou and Jason swapping instruments and lead singing every now and then. I drank too much (5 pints is binge drinking for me nowadays and I regretted it the next day). Amy wore her gig dress, which she has had since the age of 17 and still fits her! We had to leave at midnight as they were still playing because Amy was worried about our babysitter, not very rock n' roll but there you go.

These days my musical taste has widened somewhat (I even listen to some country, I love Gillian Welch), but I always go back to indie rock in the end. And yes, I realise that paying to see a band who have flown around the globe to get there isn't very sustainable but I don't care. Even us Sustainaburbers have to splurge every now and then...

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  1. WHAT!!! I didn't know....waahh. One of my favourites too. sniff.