Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bellyesta; the perfect combo

First of all, Adam is not taking over this blog. Right, on to pressing issues like bellydancing. 

I am passionate about two things in life, one is bellydancing and the other is environmental sustainability and for one glorious event a year, the two collide! Last weekend I danced with my very own wonderful troupe, Tribalive, at my very favourite festival, The Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta

In no particular order, here’s why I love them both…

Both are full of life: Tribalive consists of women who you could never control! They are vivacious, intelligent, opinionated and full of life and they make up a tribe that has its own life and direction. No-one is in control of Tribalive, it takes us all on a journey. The Fiesta bursts forth with life once a year. The street seethes with people, performers and passion. Hulbert Street, even in its seemingly dormant stage, is the heart of sustainability around here. As a side note, good compost is also seething with life; all kinds of microbes, invertebrates and bacteria.

Both are unhomogenized: Tribalive has only two born and bred Aussies, the rest are from goodness knows where. We are young and old, slim and curvy and all are beautiful. We are proudly unhomogenized. At the Fiesta you can purchase anything from cotton menstrual pads to solar panels. Take a ride in a cargo bike or a bath. Knit, meditate, dance, garden. But no TV; only things good for the soul. I also notice that my home made compost is not homogenized like Bunnings’ compost and I’m comfortable with that. There is too much homogeneity in the world.

Both give me inspiration: Tribalive inspire me to dance and do what I do best. What more could I ask? The Fiesta inspires all who walk there. What more could a community ask? Compost inspires me to garden.

Both give me hope: Bellydancing has helped me through many tough times. It takes me away from daily stresses and helps me just be in the moment. I can face busy weeks as long as it includes Tribalive! The Fiesta, well actually the people, networks, theory and sustainable life practices that make up the Fiesta give me hope in a future that is safe for me and my family. To see so many people so enthusiastically and joyously look towards sustainability together makes me want to dance! Compost gives me hope that the seeds I plant in it will make for my next bumper crop.

And so you can see why Tribalive has a special thing for the Fiesta, we love it dearly and fit right in. We think the Fiesta might love us just as much!

By the way, I managed to squeeze in a composting workshop between dancing, serving on the Hilton Harvest stall and exploring the Fiesta with Quin. I am also passionate about compost. 

Here we are at the Fiesta, and this is Quin meeting his new hero, Captain Clean-up. We cannot wait till next year!

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