Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Telly

There is chook poo on my old sneaker
The cuff of my right trouser leg is tucked in to my sock
There is grease from my chain on my shin
My thighs are thick and strong
There are greens from the garden in my belly
My belly can execute a perfect belly roll
There is a threaded needle pinned to my chest
My armpits are often smelly
  a normal me smell
There is crusted sour dough on my wrist
   and worm gunk under my finger nails
I have a pen in one hand
  and my sons sticky hand in the other
My hair is crazy and I think there is straw in it
My lips smile
My eyes are bright
My head is clear
I’ve been busy
It was truly a gift from God
  the day the telly broke.

Unfortunately, our telly is not yet broken but I may just chuck the shiz one day soon and put it in the garage. Getting rid of the telly is my not so new campaign. I have been busy though!

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