Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garden Clubbers

A couple of years ago we, with five other families started this wonderful garden club. Once a month (or so) we get together at one of our homes and garden our hearts out. It works so, so well. We tackle projects you wouldn't even contemplate doing alone, or if you did it would take months. Here are our rules:
  • The host family has to be orgaized so no last minute trips to Bunnings for retic bits or manure
  • The other families try their best to be on time - start at 9am
  • We have found that its best to have two or three projects. I can't believe I'm going to write this but it tends to work out as a project for the men folk (noisy tools, heavy lifting and such) and one for the women folk (easy to drop when a baby needs a mama!)
  • We all work hard, break for morning tea, then work hard again till lunch
  • The host provides the yummyest morning tea and lunch possible (can't beat Di's pumpkin soup)
  • Then we all sit around and talk about how much we love garden club, how the food is fantastic, how the kids have grown, how we miss Emma and Ryan and Noah and who's next to host garden club.

It's ace! We had garden club today at our place. We moved a fig tree, fixed up some berry treliss and beautified an ugly bit of the garden in preparation for when we open the house for Sustainable House Day (11 September). 

Here are the men folk fixing the treliss with lots of help (I think these guys are standing on my carrot seeds - oh well!), and here are the women folk on the weeding.

Morning tea (slice, biscuits and sourdough crackers and hummus - all home made by me! (we are on a Plastic Free July challenge, to be the subject of another post)). And yes, that is Quincey in his buzzy bee vest. He has taken it of a few times for washing. 

The kids getting grubby. It's great now that we have two little babies, two toddlers (the girls) and two older boys. They love it too.

This is one of the finished sections from today. Looks like better homes and gardens eh? I'm sure it wont look like that for long. Children and dogs will make sure of that!

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