Friday, July 24, 2015

Chooks paying their way

The chooks are finally paying their own way. We have started to sell our eggs to friends and colleagues for $6 a dozen. We are selling 1-2 dozen a week now so this easily covers their food and hay costs and should pay for the next lot of hens too.

Towards the end of last year we had 4 chooks laying an average of 1 egg a day (total of 7 eggs a week). We took the hard decision to cull the lot and we got 4 Hi-Line browns and two Australorps. They settled in well, with the browns laying straight away and the Australorps being a bit slower to get laying. We are now getting about 40 eggs a week and the chooks are thriving.

One thing that has changed is that we helped our northerly neighbour to prune her Lily Pily tree and this has let lots more sunlight into the pen. This is a big help in winter when the sun angle is lower but won't affect the amount of shade they get in summer.

We're now considering buying 2 new chooks so we can do succession planning better next time around. Who says it doesn't pay to be green?

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