Monday, November 17, 2014

Kale chips (this post is not about wellness)

I don't believe in wellness or health and well being. As a population, humans are pretty healthy. Especially us white ones. I don't think we need to deprive South American countries of  their staple foods so we can purchase them as over packaged, organic, fair trade super foods at our gourmet shops just for some over researched vitamin or anti oxidant I could get from an egg my girls lay me or a bit of kale. Based on food waste stats we'd just throw half I'd it away anyway. I think all we really need to  be well is to not eat junk, work less, spend more time with our loved ones, exercise incidentally by riding a bike, dancing or kid wrangling. And always garden. Okay I'm sound a bit like a cat poster but just think all this wellness stuff is a bit narcissistic. We are the most overpopulated species on the planet. We are well. The planet, sadly, is not.

So this post is about kale chips for the planet, and they also happen to be good for you.

Kale grows so well. Is doesn't need heaps of water and is pretty disease resistant.  Often you can keep them going over summer too. In Perth that's really saying something!

This is the link to the recipe I used. I found it worked well to use the sun oven too. It took much longer for them to crisp up but they did eventually.

They will be great for Quin's waste free lunchbox which his school is starting this term. However, I suspect the chips won't last long because they are soooo delish! I'll definately make them again!

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