Monday, June 30, 2014

Okey rides!

Meet Okey. He's the newest member of our family and we already love him to bits!

He is a whippet, but not a pure breed which is fine for us as we will be having his ballies chopped off as soon as we can. And unfortunately he's not a rescue dog. We waited a while for a whippet-ish puppy, but alas, we were just too impatient. We wanted a whippet because they always come highly recommended as lovely chilled out pets. We are just too precious about our garden and our retic to risk a chewy breed. So far Okey has lived up to the chilled out pet description. He doesn't chew much, he has only wee'd inside once, he doesn't pull on the lead, he is gentle and doesn't nip. But he does cry at night a bit. In fact he howls. Ads and I are frantically reading the puppy books from the library!

We have been gently getting him used to the idea of the cargo bike. We've had him sniff around it while constantly feeding him treats, then he got a sit in the box. I assumed he'd freak out and go all shivery but quite the opposite. He just lay down and had a snooze!

So the next day we all went for a ride to the park - Ads riding, me and Okey in the box. It went well, he just lay back and enjoyed the ride! What a good boy! Our next step is to get a bolt in the box where we can clip a short lead so he can ride by himself and not jump out or strangle himself... I can't wait to get fully mobile in the cargo with Okey!


  1. Oooooh he's so sweet! Lucky you he doesn't chew! Our pup has stopped now, but for a while there all shoes had to be up high! I wrote some posts about puppy training with recommended reading if you're interested.

  2. Wow, I didn't realise that Ads did the cycling and you got to sit in the cargo bike as if it were a chariot?! Love it!