Sunday, April 20, 2014

Animal magic

A few weeks ago we went camping to Sandy Cape near Jurien Bay north of Perth. We also call it Sandy Crack because it's sandy and it gets in your crack. Also Windy Crack because it's windy. As sandy and windy as it is, it is also beautiful. During the pack up for camping I sometimes wonder if it is all worth it; all the gear and food, ice, surf skis, kids, a dog and a two and a half our drive just to hang out on a beach. And of course when we are there all set up on said beach it is abundantly clear to me how important it is to get in to nature. Because nature is magic.

Quincey had a particularly magic experience when we found this little fella (a Southern Spiny Tailed Gecko) by our campsite. Ads lifted up some of our gear and found him under it. Quincey ran over and squatted near him to say hello. We all told Quincey to not go too close or the gecko will be scared away, but actually the opposite happened. The gecko slowly crept up to Quin and sheltered in his shade. Quincey edged back and the gecko crept closer. How wonderful and magic and tender and special. A boy's close encounter with a wild animal. You can't script that or buy that. You don't even witness it very often.

Of course after their tender moments together we explained to Quin that, no, we could not take him home. So Quin cried and then sulked in the car for an hour. But I think it was worth it and that we will all remember it.

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