Saturday, March 22, 2014

Olive time

It's olive time again in Perth, so I went out picking today. My favourite verge tree is loaded again after a year off and the owner said no worries to pick from it. I picked 20kg for pickling in just one hour!

This should last us a year (we like olives in our family). I went to the supermarket and checked out how much this would cost me out of interest. The cheapest olives were $4 for 500g. This means my hour's work, plus a couple more for processing, has saved me $160. And they're organic and local produce, unlike the supermarket stuff...

My pickling method is described here, it's pretty simple and easy. When they're ready I don't even jar them up, I just leave the bucket under the kitchen table and scoop some out with a slotted spoon.

Don't be put off by the scummy look, once you rinse the olives they're yummy.


  1. You guys inspired me last year to ride around my suburb looking for Olive trees. It amazed me that once you start looking how many trees where out there with no one picking fruit. I will have to ride past them all this week to see how they are coming along.

  2. Hi Kurt, It's great to know we have inspired someone to do something positive so thanks for letting us know. Best of luck with your pickling pursuits.