Saturday, February 15, 2014

Renos a go go

We started doing some renovations in December and now that we're back things are really starting to happen. Our plan is to build a new room separate from the house out the back, with an outdoor bathroom, a big solar pergola and a wooden deck.

So far we have 6 big steel posts in, these are the supports for the pergola. The pergola slopes up to the north and will have solid tin in one area and clear sheeting in another. Underneath the clear sheeting we will have adjustable louvres to enable us to block or let in light depending on the time of year. Hopefully we will get lots of light coming into the house in winter to warm us up...

We have a pad for the new room and bathroom, it's polished concrete and looks quite nice.

Most of the timber for the walls is on now too. This is the new room looking south east. The room is about 3m by 5m and will be for visitors to stay in and for Quin when he gets older. It will have a kitchenette, with a sink, kettle and toaster. One of the steel posts is inside the room so we're hiding it inside a cupboard.

We have moved some jarrah door/windows from the main house to the new room and replaced them with aluminium framed doors and windows. We swapped them over because the jarrah frame has the wrong type of glass for north facing since it blocks all the warmth, but is perfect for a western aspect. The new windows in the house have Low E glass which is much better suited to a northern aspect. Eventually we may replace the floor boards out the back with a pad for thermal mass to store heat in winter.

This is the new room with jarrah door/windows. There are also banks of louvre windows in the corner and next to the kitchen area.

The post-hiding cupboard and kitchen area.

The outdoor bathroom will be beautiful (much nicer than the indoor one). We got cast iron slipper bath half price (it was a bit chipped during shipping but has been re-enameled), so that will be the centrepiece, plus we'll have a separate shower and it will all run into the relocated grey water system. The chooks can even watch us having a shower!

We'll keep you posted as work progresses.


  1. I think your design ideas are wonderful! From the concrete to the windows, I'm sure it'll work out harmoniously by the time it's finished. I also like the idea of an outdoor bathroom, although I do hope modesties are protected. Haha! Anyway, good luck with the rest of your projects!

    Blake Bennet @ WindowPro

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