Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday morning

Saturday morning is precious family time. As a rule, Quin snuggles in bed with us then Ads gets up before us and grinds the coffee. We are not huge coffee drinkers but enjoy it as a Saturday morning treat with crepes. I'm tempted from my warm snuggles with the sound if Ads grinding coffee beans in my granny's old grinder.


We don't have any fancy fly-you-to-the-moon coffee machines with pods, cup warming plates or frothy milk makers and that's the way I like it. Saturday morning is a time to savour, not rush. Especially if it comes with fresh crepes, sugar split on the  floor, and cuddles on the kitchen. 

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  1. Yes, Saturday Morning is family time. I like your post and I love this boy he is so cute.