Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In case you missed us on Gardening Australia.

Here's a link to the show. We are on episode 2 in 2013, in the first segment (A Measured Approach). My mum in France said it worked for her, so hopefully it will work for all our overseas followers (Hi Nathan and Jess, Helen and Josh). It was really weird to see ourselves on TV, but I think it came out ok. Amy was even recognised by a total stranger the other day. Ah, fame at last! And it's kinda flattering to be called an inspiring young couple when I'm in my mid 40's.


  1. Hi Guys

    Saw your segment on Gardening Australia, awesome! Very inspirational! I'm a fellow close-to-freo gardener.

    I liked your old fridge-turned wormery. I have an old fridge that was about to be taken to the tip and would love to have a go at turning it into a wormery. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have to take the grills at the back off or anything? How does it work?

    Leah x

    1. Hi Leah, I love worms and think everyone should have a fridge worm farm! You have to use a degassed fridge. You can have your old one professionally degassed or just get a degassed one from Fridge and Washer City on South Street. They have given us a few in the past (they have to be degassed before the take them away for recycling, but they have to pay to have them recycled so are happy to give them away). We used the instructions from Waste Wise Schools here http://education.dec.wa.gov.au/downloads/cat_view/6-waste-wise/37-resources/70-curriculum/82-learning-to-be-waste-wise/54-worms-chapter.html
      Also we are planning to do a little workshop on how to make them at Hilton Harvest Community Garden - check our website (http://hiltonharvest.weebly.com/index.html) for dates coming up.

    2. Have signed up to the Hilton Garden email spamification, reading with interest! When I have free time I will pop down to one of the busy bees and get involved. Thanks for your inspiration guys, awesome stuff :) Keep on smiling :)

  2. Hi Amy and Adam,

    I am Aussie in the US. I will be home in a few years and want to give sustainable concepts a good go when I get back. So, whilst I can't getting going straight away I can learn and read now. Do you have a few books that you would recommend for 'Sustainaburbia 101'. Cheers, Gae

  3. Hi Gae. Two books that changed my life were 'Living the Good Life' By Linda Cockburn and The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins. They are very inspirational books but both very different. There are lots of other more 'how to' books (like gardening books like Gardening Down Under - I'm still only half way through that as its a bit technical for me) but maybe at this point you need the inspiring concept books...enjoy!

  4. Thanks Amy! Loove what you are doing... you too are inspiring!