Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 2012

It's been a crazy, busy, turbulent month so this is just a quickie I'm afraid.

kWh electricity generated (per day):       5.5
kWh electricity used (per day):                3.3
kWh gas used (per day):          2.4
L water used (per day):           718
Rainfall mm (4 weeks):                 24
Tank level (L):               500
km by car (per day):                28
km by cargo bike (per day):    15
Eggs laid (per day):                  4.5

Power has shifted into summer mode now, with much higher generation than consumption. The higher sun angle has also meant that we have no shading on the solar hot water panel, so we've haven't needed to boost the hot water at all and won't until next April/May. Gas usage is way down since the gas heater wasn't needed. It was a dry month so the retic has gone on. Consequently the tank level has dropped from 13,500 to 500L, which is effectively empty since the pump shuts off at around this level. Hopefully we'll get a bit more rain before the big dry stretch. A bad transport month, but sometimes when life goes a bit pear shaped it's just easier to drive. Chooks still going strong, not too much broodiness yet.

We got crazy crabs for Quin. We've created some great crabitat and they seem pretty happy, if a bit hermity.

Hasta la proxima.

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