Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hi-line = high production

It's been 4 months since we got four new Hi-line brown chooks. These hybrid hens have been bred for the sole purpose of pumping out eggs regularly and by heck do they do a good job of it. It took them a few weeks to get going but since then this has been the result most days. 

We have seven chooks now (we off loaded our two Wyandottes to a breeder a while ago), but our older girls (Australorps) are not laying at all now. This means our new girls lay an egg a day almost every day! You can see from the chart below that production is picking up markedly.

This has meant our cumulative total is running well above all previous years and should easily surpass our best ever year.

Now we're wondering what to do with our old girls. They're almost four years old now and they're not laying. They may come back into lay in the spring but we are paying a fair bit for food with no gain in eggs right now. We obviously have an emotional attachment to them, but they do need to pay their way a bit.

On another note, today is a joyous day. After searching the web far and wide with no success I have now found an easy, quick way to put Excel charts in the blog. Up until now I have been printing charts, then scanning them and saving them as jpegs before importing to blogger (what a pain in the arse). Now I've found a much better way. A brilliant geek by the name of Jon Peltier has developed an Excel add-in to export a chart as a png file. All I have to do now is highlight a chart, click on the add-in and it exports it to wherever you want to put it. Then you go to blogger and import the png image. It's so easy, I love it. The best bit is that it's free, download the export chart zip here and install the add-in.Thank you Jon, geek c'est chic! 

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