Saturday, October 22, 2011

How does your garden grow

We think Polly is a slightly neurotic mother to be. She's a good sitter but perhaps a bit too good. See, when she started sitting she didn't even get out of the nest to poo and her eggs got all dirty. She also broke one. But we cleaned out her nest and she got right back on. She worked out that she had to get out of the nest to feed and poo. Things were looking up...but then today she broke another egg! So again we cleaned out the nest and again she got right back on. Her due date is one week today. Fingers crossed!

Loads of sweet peas, salvias and still heaps of other flowers are in bloom. We still have lots of lettuce, parsley, beets, onions, beans, carrots, celery, spinach and a few sad looking cabbages and caulies which we should be greatful for (who cares if they are not prize winning, perfect, genetically modified, chemical doused things - they are good and wholesome and home grown! At least that's what I tell my boys!). The zuchs, squash, toms and basil are in and growing well.

This garlic is what we grew at Hilton Harvest! And we have more to harvest in our home garden.
And the most exciting news this week is that Quin has his training wheels off! He can even stand up on his pedals and yell 'Woooh!' as he zooms down the hill. Now we just have to try to make it to South Beach like his little friend Oscar. We are off the the Freo Family Bike Picnic tomorrow. We can fit Quin and his bike in our cargo bike. Perfect!

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