Saturday, August 27, 2011

No TV, yipee

We are more than half way through our TV free month and it's wonderful. Quin is now five and seems to keep himself busy really easily. Ok, he did cry the first day he realised he could not watch Octonauts, but he got over it so quickly. The back room is a mess with leggo and pencils and puzzles, but that's okay. He's been busy pouring with food colouring...

and helping cardboard and mulch in the garden...


Maybe all kids go through a big creative stage, but I credit the TV free month. I've been amazed and Quins drawings. It seems like only a few months ago he was not interested in drawing and could only manage a circley squiggle, but now check out his 'art work'.

These are some of his best work; Caterpillar, Alien and Chef. I swear, hand on heart he has never watched South Park yet the Chef does seem familiar, don't you think?

As for us grown ups, well as I said, I love it and never want it down from the cupboard. Ads quite likes it, however he is keen on having a TV day once a week. But then it will be there...menacingly sitting in the corner of the lounge room, calling us silently, messing with our mind whether its on or off. Quin will ask, I'll say no, Quin will cry. Who needs that? Anyway the month is not over yet and i suspect there will be some heated discussion about the issue.

Quin has already decided on next months challenge - no car and cargo bike only month. Hm, now that's a challenge!

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  1. Oo - go for it. We did two months with only the cargobike. It's very do-able. I had only one day of near tears and exhaustion after catching four buses in high 30 degree temperatures with one kid falling asleep - and I reckon that day woulda sucked with a car also.

  2. Hi Adam & Amy – good work with the TV free month.

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    No charge or anything else, you will just have to renew it when it comes up. I would just prefer you guys to use it than for it to get snapped up by a corporate type when we let it lapse.

    Good luck and keep up the good work. If you want to proceed, reply to